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A Brief History

Like many I started off thinking trading the markets was a walk in the park.. It was probably those stupid awesome movies like Wall Street( Gordan Gekko) or some story about millions being made on wall street by dudes barely out of college that ignited the love affair , cant quite place it but yeah the allure of big profits, bright lights and an incredible made lifestyle drew me in for sure.

So , when broadband arrived it was a wrap…

My First trade: …. TBC

Early Days:  Trading  RIM, APPLE Mastercard… TBC


Coming Of Age : After 8+ years on and off trading the financial markets, profit generation kicked in and it all started to make sense but not without a silly amount of  years of pain and frustration making and losing money in the markets.

Dedication and commitment eventually pays off, so now is PayBack time and why not take a few people along with me and generate a secondary income for them, huh!