Forex Commodities Indices

Instruments you can trade to become a Millionaire or go Broke. Yes I said it and you better believe.. lol

Forex: Shorts for foreign Exchange. Simple way to understand this is when you go away on holiday with your Pounds sterling(GBP) you need to then change it to the currency at your holiday destination so that you have money to spend. Remember those bureau de change tend to add on commission and you sometimes notice you get different exchange rates at different vendours. All these differences in exchange prices are driven by banks, people, businesses, corporates, governments etc buying and selling the currency… More info here

Commodities: Coffee, Gold, Crude oil, Corn, Copper, Diamonds, Agricultural products are all commodities and their prices on the world market are driven up and down by a number of factors eg, drought, war, weather conditions etc which allows for prices to rise or fall and the likes of us specualate on the potential price of these commodities to be up or down at a future date and profit if we get the assumptions correct. more info here

Indices: Ok, I am getting a little lazy explaining this so I am taking a short cut.. Read up on indices here