For the most part,  the concept is pretty simple. Become a member of PSM and get paid every 6 months  from a TradeMaster capitalizing on price action in the financial markets as well as gain exposure to the DealMakers Den.

To become a member, there is a small membership fee(£10) and a minimum membership deposit (variable) which doubles as a business loan that generates money for you in the form of Interest and is paid out to you at the end of each membership cycle (6 months).

At the end of each cycle you have the option to

1.  Walk away with just your Interest
2. Walk away with your Interest + Membership Deposit
3. Roll over your Membership Deposit + Interest for the next cycle
4. Add more money to your Membership Deposit + Interest for the next cycle



There is a saying Think Big But Start Small. So simply-put, the intention is to grow the PSM Group to a level over time where we are generating millions of pounds in profits annually which doubles as a secondary income for those that are involved as members.


Over the last few years we have generated some really good returns by capitalizing on some HIGH PROBABILITY TRADE SET UPS in the Financial markets. . Below are some of our outcomes.

Sept 2017 -Nov 2017             : £10,000 – £30, 000

March  – March 2018              : £10,000 – £17,000

Sept  –   Dec 2018                    : £15537 – £18,007  (OFFER-1 )

Oct 2018 –   April 2019         :  £20,000 – £30,158  (OFFER-5 )

April 2019 –   March 2020     :  £12,000 – £16,000  (OFFER-1 – Live)

Oct 2019 –   March 2020     :  £11,500 – £16,500  (OFFER-5 – Live)


Buying and selling high probability trade set ups to generate profits  irrespective of the direction of the markets, up, down or sideways.   Executing the above process over and over again can literally feel like reaching up into the skies and grabbing a handful of money time and time again just like clock work.

Needless to say,  trading the financial markets is not for the faint hearted and is definitely not easy but there is scope to generate profits  from the markets so long as you have the right experience, strategy, risk management and decent amount of trading capital in place(quite key).


Offer 1:  10% Interest  every 6 months

Offer 2:  Coming Soon

Offer 3: Coming Soon

Offer 4:  Coming Soon

Offer 5:   50% Interest (Conditions Apply)




I wonder what makes the most sense to you from the illustrations above, Natwest, Barclays or other UK banks will pay you an Interest rate between 0.1 – 0.5% annually while PSM will pay you a guaranteed Interest rate of  20% annually which breaks down into 10%  every 6 months.

We are capitalizing on price movement up or down in the financial markets(Currencies(Forex) , Indices and Commodities).

WHAT IS THE CATCH: There is no catch, I have simply developed systems that work in the markets so very confident of delivering the interest- payments in the time duration promised.


STRENGTH:  The trading funds are being managed by a TradeMaster with multiple years of experience  in the business and is committed to squeezing out profits from the markets consistently which ensures that deniros are banked and Interests promised can and will be paid on the agreed dates.

WEAKNESS: Generating profits from the markets can sound easy but is ridiculously challenging if you do not have the right temperament, strategy, risk management and discipline in place, which can be the difference between consistent wins or consistent losses. If the TradeMasters performance is weak over a 6 to 12 month period and it results in a net loss on the trading account, it simply means the TradeMaster does not get paid and his Salary is forfeited  but members Deposit and Interest still get paid if we receive this as their request during the pay-out window

OPPORTUNITY:  Your money goes to work for you and generates a guaranteed 20% annually.

THREAT: Well, these are any instances which would be totally out of ones control for example new financial laws being introduced, Black Swan events like Corona Virus pandemic.  The threats are minimal but can have major impacts on the local or global economy, but at the same time be an opportunity one can turn from a threat to an advantage @ profits.


TO Join the Power Of Smart Money Live 

Membership: £10 (Non Refundable)
Minimum- Membership Deposit:      £1,000 (Offers 1 or 5)
Maximum Membership Deposit:    £10,000 (Offers 1 or 5)
Duration: continuous as long as you are a member

To Join the Power Of Smart Money Live Demo

Minimum joining Fee:      £0
Maximum Joining Fee:    £0
Duration :                  1- 3 months

1. A simple signed  membership &  business  loan contract with clauses & parameters valid in the law courts in the UK will be sent across to you to read and sign which will form the basis of your membership and our business relationship.
2. All funds to be wired to a business account.

Atleast once every 1 to 2 weeks  you will receive a snapshot similar to the one below of my trading balance  and current positions so you can also monitor how your money is working for you.  This will continue until my financial commitments to you has been honored.


1. Trading platform to be used is IG Index
2. Some of my trades can be found on our Youtube channel below

8+ years experience trading the financial markets. Profit generation kicked in about a year and a half ago after years of pain and frustration making and losing money in the markets(Dedication and commitment eventually pays off, so now is PayBack time and why not take a few people along with me and generate a secondary income for them).

If interested in joining PSM, then simply send an  email to