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Education Education Education is just one of your passports to a successful future trading the financial markets  otherwise simply become a lazy millionnaire and let your chosen trademaster do the job for you.

Online Training Sessions: Coming soon but these sessions are primarily for members of PSM

Investing in your Education

Market psychology

Trading Strategy

Having A Plan

Back & Forward testing

Forex Tester:

Youtube channels to watch and learn:

A Mentor & Your Mentor:

Demo & Live Accounts

How much Starting Capital do I need

Risk management:


Being Creative/Boring

Chess(Proactive Not Reactive)

3 Year Training Program

Some of the Secrets Of The game

The Hard Right

Fat Finger

Assessment/Fact Finding/ Recommendation

Consistent results/Marginal Gains

Your Wants /Your Risks

Dealing With Losses & Profits

Over Confidence

Mental Toughness

Dealing with low, medium, and extreme volatility



losses & Losing runs

Profits & Profit runs

Why most fail and few succeed

Dunning Kruger Effect:

4 Trading Fears: being wrong, losing money , missing out( FOMO ,) , leaving money on the table

A MUST WATCH: Anton Kreil Annihilates Retail Brokers and Trading Educators:

More coming ...