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Offer One

OFFER 1:    10% / 20% Interest

Min. DEPOSIT:   £1,000 – £5,000

DURATION:  6  /  12 months

SECURITY: Contracts signed and recognised by law courts in the UK.

At the end of each 6 month cycle you have the option to

1.  Walk away with just your Interest
2. Walk away with your Interest + Membership Deposit
3. Roll over your Membership Deposit + Interest for the next cycle
4. Add more money to your Membership Deposit + Interest for the next cycle

1.  Atleast once every week or 2  you will receive a snapshot of my trading balance  and current positions so you can also monitor how your money is working for you.  This will continue until my financial commitments to you has been honored.

1. Trading platform to be used is IG Index

If interested in joining PSM, then simply send an email message to me at .  I will be in touch shortly afterwards to schedule a convenient time to chat.