Offer two

OFFER  2: 10% Interest + 2%  Interest Subject To Conditions

BIZ LOAN: £2500- £5000

DURATION:  3-9 months

SECURITY: Contracts signed and is recognised by law courts in the UK.

1.  Atleast once a week  you will receive a snapshot of my trading balance  and current positions so you can also monitor how your money is working for you.  This will continue until my financial commitments to you has been honored.

1. Trading platform to be used is IG Index
2. Instruments traded  Forex(currencies) + Indices + Commodities (Crude Oil)


1. If interested in joining the Power Of Smart Money Group , please make sure you complete the simple 2 min questionnaire by clicking on the link below and I will be in touch shortly.
2. Compile all the questions you have and add it on the questionnaire in the relative section  and I will be more than happy to answer them during our call back conversations.

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