Power of Smart Money Partners are a group of business friends, a collective of partners putting their money where their mouth is and taking action when it comes to investing in Start-Ups, Growth, Expanding and Mature businesses as well as Entrepreneurs with good ideas and management teams.  Basically, less talk more action!

As a group of Partners collectively putting  money to work in small investments, we have plans to steadily grow into Multi-Million-Pound-Investments.

To join Complete this simple 1 min google form questionnaire to initiate contact by  Clicking Here

We make money the Marcus Garvey Way, The Warren Buffet Way, The Jason Calacanis Way and or any other Multi Millionaire or Billionaire Way dead or Alive.

We are global so we put money to work wherever the opportunity presents itself but Africa is high up on the list as we see a lot of scope for wealth creation and problem solving in this region, the Caribbean and UK are strong runner ups.

The world has many problems that require solutions, and if you can invest money in  solution driven businesses you are bound to make money and create wealth.

That said, Technology, RnD, Agriculture, Transportation, Logistics, Health, Hospitality, Entertainment, Sports etc

We work way too hard for our money to just hand it out willy nilly. While the mantra No risk No profit makes sense, every opportunity that comes our way will be processed, researched, analysed and risk assessed optimally before it is even presented to Partners to make a decision, this is one of the reasons you are paying a research, admin & lawyer fee.

1.  The big daddy in the room is the Power of Leverage (If you dont know then get to know). Becoming a Partner gives you leverage
2. Make profits but reduce your investment risk/loss drastically
3. Exposure to all the business Opportunities being considered in the Dealmakers Den

4. You are tapping into the brain capacity of a network of smart individuals and their risk analysis of any business investment before you commit to engage or not engage in an opportunity
5. You are a Partner and your network is your net-worth

6. Access to financial education secrets around taxes, wealth creation and  management 

7.   Engage in group philanthropy

Fun, family, collective, friendships,  camaraderie, parties, travels
You get the point and the list is not exhaustive

There are levels to our Partnerships for good reasons. Not all men or women are created equal in the beginning but you can dictate your future.



We are new on the block. That said, since inception 

Opportunities Ending In Profits:  2
Opportunities Ending In Losses:   0

The Race To A Million: The world is a stage, full of competitive spirits, so we embrace a healthy competitive spirit among our partners in aiming and making calculated and strategic decisions to propel them to be the first Partners to hit a Million in Returns over time. (Prize & Award night TBA). More on this at one of our Partnership/business-friends meeting.

You have been waiting for this one the minute you started reading this page right. lol!

To join our fast growing Collective of Partners, certain criterias need to be met before you are even considered. YES!! This is not a party for everyone especially in a world full of noise makers, talkers,  and timewasters, so we need to separate the boys from the men and the girls from the ladies.

If you dont make the cut this year, challenge yourself and re-visit when your money grows up. ;))


1.  Complete this simple 1 min google form questionnaire to initiate contact by  Clicking Here
2. You are open to considering opportunities worldwide but in particular UK and Africa
3. You are actively looking for business opportunities where you can capitalize to generate profits
You are not risk averse and understand that some investments might result in a loss, break even or profit(s)
You can commit to the monthly or yearly financial obligations of the Partnership Level chosen by yourself


Baba Olowo circa December 2019: The world has changed and keeps on changing, the playing field has leveled out somewhat over the last number of years and there is no better time for like minded individuals to come together as business-friends and a collective to move fast break things and in the process accumulate wealth deservedly.