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VETERAN PARTNERS:  This is our PSM Partners top tier entry level  partnership.  This level gives you the most flexibility and puts you in a position to hit the ground running.  As an Innovator you get the concept, vision and mission.

Upfront Deposit:                £2500
Monthly Deposits:              £variable
Research  & Admin:          £150


1. Make profits but reduce your investment risk/loss drastically

2. Capitalize on leverage in making money as a group.

3.  Invites and exposure to all the business opportunities we are considering & discussing physically or via webinars

4. Mandatory engagement in  a  minimum of 3 businesses  per year

5. Get a print out of our bi-annual and yearly profit and loss results sheets for the different businesses

6. Auto entry into the first to £500k &  £1M profits challenge (Prize & Award) 

7.  Invite to Bleisure trips and end of year success party

8. The list is not exhaustive

9.  Interested or have questions, then click on this simple google form questionnaire : Click Here