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VETERAN PARTNERS:  This is our PSM Partners top tier entry level  partnership.  This level gives you the most flexibility and puts you in a position to hit the ground running.  As an Innovator you get the concept, vision and mission.

Upfront Deposit:                £2500
Monthly Deposits:              £variable
Membership & Admin:       £150


1. Exposure to all the business opportunities we are considering.

2. Invites to business meetings and webinars to discuss  new and upcoming opportunities

3. Mandatory engagement in  a  minimum of 3 businesses  per year

4. Get a print out of our bi-annual and yearly profit and loss results sheets for the different businesses

5. Invite to end of year success party

6.  Invite to Bleisure trips

7. Auto entry into the first to £250k profits challenge (Prize & Award) 

8. Auto entry into the first to a  £1M profits challenge (Prize & Award)

9. The list is not exhaustive

10. Interested or have questions, then click on this simple google form questionnaire : Click Here